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The Art of Connection

We use the dynamics that exist with disabled people and propose an inclusive way of performing (theatre, music, painting and dance) based on the method "The Art of Connection"—Interaction with vulnerable groups through Art.

The Art of Connection as a methodology for common artistic production of artists with and without disabilities

While there are many organisations that support art for people with disabilities, usually the common artistic production between people with and people without disabilities is rare. Research has shown that energetic participation in different types of art, such as theatre, music, painting and dance, evokes feelings of euphoria, eliminates stress, leads to physical relaxation and increases the readiness for social connection. When a person with special needs and skills creates together with people without disabilities in different artistic disciplines, the well-being of both parties can be improved and the impact on the mental health elevated. Also, this inclusive artistic process can elevate the human connection levels and enrich our social skills.

We use the dynamics that exist with disabilities and propose an inclusive way of performing (theatre/music and sound/painting and dance) based on the method "The Art of Connection"—Interaction with vulnerable groups through Art.

The method “Τhe Art of Connection” -Interaction with vulnerable groups which is the base for our specialized interactive programs and includes the tools on how people in special health care environments, can remain connected in an effective and inclusive way. The project is developing a toolkit to connect artists with and without disabilities, organises training and performances in 4 different arts. It also develops new social and life skills, inner qualities such as acceptance, patience, compassion, access to our vulnerability and the ability to co-create. The programme is aimed at artists (professional or amateur) to improve their skills and be able to co-create groups with inclusive interests. The goal is to learn how to be present, how people with and without disabilities can live together, create together, and enjoy the gift of Life through art and culture. It is going to target different forms of art including theatre, music and sound, painting and dance.

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